At Cherokee Barbell, weight training programs for Youth ages 9-18 are individualized on the basis of their age, maturity, and personal goals and objectives. When a child or adolescent is learning a new exercise, Coaches use no-load repetitions, which focus on form and technique. 

“Strength training in children, in combination with plyometric and/or agility training, has become an increasingly popular tactic for athletes to gain a competitive edge during the off-season” NCBI

“This little dude has seriously upped his Lacrosse game since joining Cherokee Barbell. He had an excellent tournament this weekend and was an integral part in helping lead his team to a Championship. Strength and Agility play a strong role in Lacrosse. Thank you to all you coaches for helping him become stronger, faster, and more confident than ever!” Thanks, Amanda Carey, and Great job Dezzy!

Desmond’s Parents’ Testimonial

“Ayse has been coaching my 15-year-old daughter for almost two years and has had such a positive effect on many levels.  She’s gotten physically stronger learning proper technique with every lift, her speed, and power improved when playing softball, and her confidence in herself increased.  Ayse’s blend of nurturing and tough love has driven great performance results and work ethic.”

Jenny Onuschak

Let’s get your kids stronger and faster!

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