Training Seminar with an Olympian Cheryl Haworth

This Olympic Weightlifting Seminar is for beginner athletes, experienced athletes, coaches, gym owners, and others who want to learn about Olympic Weightlifting. This is a rare opportunity to learn from 3 times Olympian and World Record holder Cheryl Haworth! October 16th 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Snatch technique explanation Clean and Jerk technique explanation LiftingContinue reading “Training Seminar with an Olympian Cheryl Haworth”


RESOURCE: USA WEIGHTLIFTING 1. Transform your physique:  Performing a snatch or a clean and jerk is a full-body, fun, intense exercise working your legs, glutes, back, abs, shoulders and arms all at the same time. You burn a lot of calories during your workouts in a short amount of time. Olympic lifts are a greatContinue reading “BENEFITS OF OLYMPIC LIFTING”