90 Days Wellness Program



Reset your health and wellness with our 90 Days Program that focuses on nutrition, movement, and mindset.

Don’t wait for a challenge to start to begin your health and wellness goals. To get a head start on your goals, start when makes the most sense to you! Regardless of what that day looks like to you – the best path to success is a 90-day program to build a strong foundation on all the factors that guide you to being the healthiest version of yourself: fitness, nutrition, stress, sleep and support system.

Is today your day? Let’s do this!

In this 90 Days Program, you will receive:

✅ Individulized Meal Plan & recipes

✅ Focus on simple, sustainable lifestyle changes – No Fad diets or restrictive rules.

✅ Weekly nutrition tips, stress management, kitchen tips, and recipes videos

✅ Exclusive access to the Healthy Steps Nutrition App

✅ Initial meeting with nutrition coach 

✅ Bi-Weekly in person check-ins

✅ Weekly Virtual check-ins and educational videos in the HSN App 

✅ Decrease Body Fat

✅ Improve overall health and decrease your risk of chronic disease

This program will focus on four pillars:

✅Mindset/Stress Management
✅Exercise and Movement




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