1st Nationals – Ben Collins 2022 USAW National Championship 89WC 9th Place

At Cherokee Barbell, our goal is quality coaching over the number of members..Olympic Weightlifting offers a path towards a complete range of fitness and strength attributes.

We offer competitive and non-competitive programs, training, youth classes, masters (35+) training, remote/virtual training, and open gym access.


In-Person Coaching

At the Cherokee Barbell location, all members and athletes regardless, of whether they are beginners or competitive athletes will receive in-person expert coaching to help them reach their goals. Contact us for more information

Remote Athlete Coaching

We provide remote coaching with an individualized program. You and your coach will be in touch regularly via True Coach Training Software. Your training and technique videos will be reviewed regularly and you will receive video analysis within 48 hours.

Woman in Weightlifting

Our society has purported the myth that women who lift weights or do any form of strength training will transform a ladylike shape into that of a big, bulky bodybuilder. This is simply not the case, scientifically or anecdotally.

Men in Weightlifting

Performing a snatch or a clean and jerk is a full-body, fun, intense exercise working your legs, glutes, back, abs, shoulders and arms all at the same time. You burn a lot of calories during your workouts in a short amount of time. Olympic lifts are a great way to decrease body fat, build muscle, increase strength and maximize your time strength training.  

Weightlifting for FAT LOSS

Weight training allows our body to utilize its aerobic and anaerobic systems when done efficiently. This means we can burn calories from all energy stores when performing resistance training – carbs, sugars, and fats while still targeting muscle groups and putting on lean muscle mass.

Weightlifting for CONFIDENCE

Looking and feeling aesthetically better restores feelings of self-confidence and self-esteem, and this has a positive impact on our social health. Lifting weights also releases feel-good endorphins in our body and increases the level of serotonin, making us feel more alert and productive!

Weightlifting is for every age

Especially for women, strengthening bones is critical to prevent osteoporosis and protect against bone fractures. Olympic lifts produce large forces on the legs, spine, and arms, precisely what is needed to stimulate the body to lay down new bone and improve bone density.

Weightlifting is Inspiring & Fun

No matter how “heavy” you lift, remember it is your journey. Inspiration is not only in the numbers, inspiration is found in doing hard work that will make you better (even if it is not your favorite and the coach programmed it anyway). Inspiration is found in consistency and inspiration is found in community.

The health benefits of weightlifting and strength training inspire us in every area of life. Developing the habit of training regularly creates greater goal achievement – through tracking results and accountability.

As you grow as an athlete your confidence increases and your charisma sharpens.

Being a part of the Cherokee Barbell has been great. I have received top notch coaching from coach Ayse. Thanks to her feedback and programming, I have definitely seen improvement in technique. It has allowed me to be much more consistent with my lifts. Having an online community for support is a big plus as well.”

Austin Hrossowyc 


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