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Ayse Gizem Sukola

Head Coach/ Owner

Ayse Sukola is a highly accomplished Head Coach and Owner, renowned for her expertise in Olympic weightlifting and her unwavering dedication to helping individuals achieve their health and fitness goals. Hailing from Ankara, Turkey, Ayse’s sporting journey commenced at the tender age of 5, where she immersed herself in a rigorous swimming training program for over a decade. Excelling in the sport, she garnered notable accolades, including a commendable 3rd place finish in the 200-meter backstroke and 200-meter medley Junior European Championship in 1994. Throughout her youth and junior championships from 1990-1998, she consistently secured top positions in national and local rankings, cementing her status as a rising star.

Later in life, Ayse discovered her profound love and passion for Olympic weightlifting, and she has since invested nearly a decade in coaching athletes across all levels. Her extensive qualifications include certifications such as CPT and CES through NASM, USA Weightlifting Sports and Performance Level 2, and she is well on her way to becoming a National Coach. Furthermore, she holds a Crossfit Level One Certification and has received certifications from esteemed Nutrition Companies like Precision Nutrition & Healthy Steps Nutrition.

As the esteemed Head Coach and Owner of Cherokee Barbell Strength and Nutrition, Ayse has guided countless individuals on their transformative weight loss journeys and has fostered excellence in Olympic weightlifting. She has imparted her wisdom to both youth and senior athletes participating in prestigious competitions like the USAW National Championships and the American Open Finals. Ayse is wholeheartedly committed to introducing new athletes to the joy of lifting, equipping them with the essential skills needed to realize their aspirations. In addition to her coaching responsibilities, Ayse actively contributes as a Board Member for GA WEIGHTLIFTING – WSO, facilitates USAW Level 1 Coaching Courses alongside Rachel Bammocino, conducts coaching clinics, and serves as a Co-Partner at Barbell Collective.

If you aspire to enhance your Olympic weightlifting, Powerlifting prowess or strive to become a competitive athlete, Ayse Sukola and her exceptional team at Cherokee Barbell Strength and Nutrition are your ideal choice. Take the first step today and join their community of dedicated and motivated athletes.

Email me: info@cherokeebarbell.com

Rachel MT Romano

Coach / OwnerCoach Rachel is a Crossfit, Yoga, and Olympic Lifting coach. She has a heart for people and their success on and off the platform. Rachel started her functional fitness and Crossfit coaching career in 2013, coaching middle school, high school, elementary, and children with developmental/emotional challenges. Shortly after she moved into coaching adult functional fitness and Olympic Lifting.

Prior to her USAW certification and Crossfit Level One, she had a heart for mobility and received her 200 YTT in Universal Yoga with continuing education in Yin Yoga. Today Rachel offers a wide range of services – from individual coaching, assigning yoga protocols, clinics, group classes, programming, goal review, and what did you have in mind?

Email me: info@cherokeebarbell.com

Amelia Ferries

Strength & Nutrition Coach

A former endurance runner and cyclist, Amelia discovered weightlifting in 2015. Since her first snatch lesson, she’s been head-over-heels in love with strength sports. In 2021, after six years of avid training, competing, and supporting teammates at meets, she took the plunge into coaching. Today, she is a USAW Level-2 certified weightlifting coach, and has expanded her coaching credentials to include nutrition coaching, powered by Healthy Steps Nutrition. Amelia is committed to helping athletes build confidence, develop strength, and learn to fuel their bodies for success in sport and life.

Email me: info@cherokeebarbell.com

Macy Lynn


Coach Macy is a sport strength-specific coach. Graduated with a bachelor’s in Science, Crossfit Games regional competitor, two-time National Olympic Weightlifting Medalist. She has been in the coaching industry since 2015. She loves people helping others pull out the untapped potential they have inside and outside of the gym.

Email me: info@cherokeebarbell.com

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