Celebrating Success: Cherokee Barbell Open Weightlifting Meet Recap and Youth Nationals Preview

We recently concluded our 2nd annual Cherokee Barbell Open Weightlifting Meet, and what an incredible event it was! The energy, dedication, and talent displayed by our athletes left us inspired and proud. In this email, we will recap the 1st part of the meet, share highlights of the meet and also share some exciting news about our upcoming participation in the Youth Nationals.

Nathan, The Rising Star
One of the standout performers at our Open Weightlifting Meet was Nathan, a remarkable 12-year-old who started his Olympic weightlifting journey in the summer of 2022 as a complete beginner. With relentless dedication and a focus on perfecting his technique, Nathan has become a force to be reckoned with. At the meet, he achieved a remarkable 7kg Meet PR, ranking the second spot in the nation for his age and weight class. We couldn’t be prouder of his progress! 
Desmond, The Mighty Lacrosse Player 
Desmond is another 12-year-old athlete, proved that being well-rounded doesn’t mean sacrificing excellence in weightlifting. Despite his commitment to full-time lacrosse, Desmond manages to shine in weightlifting as well. He achieved a 5kg Meet PR, showcasing his strength and determination. Desmond’s ability to excel in multiple sports is a testament to his dedication and hard work.
Chloe, The Multi-sport Talent 
At just 12 years old, Chloe has dabbled in various sports and recently returned to weightlifting a few months ago. Despite her recent return, Chloe displayed impressive progress, achieving a remarkable 10kg Meet PR. Her commitment and natural talent are evident, and we’re excited to see her further develop her skills.
Maddy, Remarkable Rise in Weightlifting.
Maddy, a 14-year-old athlete, will be making her debut at the upcoming Youth Nationals. Engaged in multiple sports, Maddy has embraced weightlifting and quickly made her mark. With a 5kg Meet PR, she has already shown immense potential in this demanding discipline. We look forward to supporting her as she takes on the challenge of her first national competition.
Roy, The Promising Future
Our final youth athlete, Roy, is a 15-year-old with a bright future in weightlifting. His performances at the Open Weightlifting Meet were nothing short of exceptional, with a snatch of 95kg and a clean and jerk of 115kg in the 73kg weight class. Roy currently holds the top spot in the nation for his weight class and age, making him a standout talent to watch.

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