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Are you ready to take your athletic performance to the next level and reach your goals? Our Student-Athlete Strength Program is designed to make that happen! This class is a non-sport-specific strength and conditioning program designed to increase overall athletic performance for Middle and High-school students. Certified coaches lead classes that include safe and effectiveContinue reading “STUDENT ATHLETE STRENGTH PROGRAM”


RESOURCE: USA WEIGHTLIFTING 1. Transform your physique:  Performing a snatch or a clean and jerk is a full-body, fun, intense exercise working your legs, glutes, back, abs, shoulders and arms all at the same time. You burn a lot of calories during your workouts in a short amount of time. Olympic lifts are a greatContinue reading “BENEFITS OF OLYMPIC LIFTING”

The Amazing Health Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting and A SPORT FOR EVERYONE.

Olympic Weightlifting offers a path towards a complete range of fitness and strength attributes. Quite simply, Olympic weightlifting can completely change one’s holistic levels of strength and fitness. Developing on the more basic gym lifts – such as the squat, deadlift and shoulder press – Olympic weightlifting has no equal for developing speed, flexibility andContinue reading “The Amazing Health Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting and A SPORT FOR EVERYONE.”

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