Ready to take your lifting to the next level? Our Next 6 Week’s technique and strength program STARTING APRIL 4 TH, 2023

EVERY WEDNESDAY – FRIDAY OR EVERY TUESDAY – THURSDAY FROM 6:15 PM TO 7:30 PM ( You can choose which days are good for your schedule)

Available for both in-person and remote coaching, this program is designed to help lifters at every level – from beginners to elite athletes and coaches.

Athletes will focus on the fundamental elements of each lift, and drill movement to help improve their body mechanics, timing, and speed to perform the lifts in the most efficient and effective way possible and develop overall strength and conditioning.

Using proven methods of progressive overload, Coach Ayse Sukola has applied for this program in the development of multiple national-level athletes. If your technique and strength are holding you back, this is the program for you.

“This community of people is more than just a group, but a family. From day one of working remotely as an athlete, I still felt like I was there in class with everyone else. Thank you to the coaches that still continue to do an amazing job and their profession.”

Jenna Snell

Registration is now OPEN!

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